science fiction reality infographic

September 27, 2019      

Artificial intelligence has granted our minds clearance to be children again, but only to reflect on the gadgets from our favorite science fiction books, movies, and television shows that have made their way into reality. You may find it beneficial to bust out a few stretches before reading, as this trip down memory lane may leave you feeling a bit old. Let’s jump in.

The Jetsons, which debuted 57 years ago this week, is often cited when people talk about the future of robots, flying cars, and other household technology. Like The Simpsons, The Jetsons often made predictions of the future with different technologies, such as a household robot or video phone. With new AI tech like Facebook Portal, iRobot Roomba, the world’s first robotic vacuum, and Moley Robotic Kitchen, we can live in 2062 far ahead of its time.

Flash forward to Back to the Future (Part II). Google Glass brought the world up to speed with Marty McFly’s kids’ smart glasses in 2013, allowing consumers to watch TV and answer phone calls. In fact, the Apple Watch wasn’t the first to conceptualize the idea of a smart watch, as we can remember a frizzy-haired Doc Brown predicting the weather on his smart watch down to the second!

The list goes on with mentions from Doctor Who, Star Trek, and many more. Read below to find out how close the future of AI will be to science fiction.

Demetrius HarrisonAbout the author: Demetrius Harrison is a Junior Promotions Specialist at NowSourcing, a Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH based infographic design agency. When he isn’t sharing infographics with the world, you can find him at the skate park, a wide-range of concerts, or in the classroom completing his Marketing & Sociology bachelor’s degree. Connect with Demetrius via Linkedin, Twitter, or email.