Maxon Motor Opens Doors on New U.S. Manufacturing Facility
March 19, 2019      

Officials from maxon precision motors literally cut the ribbon on its new manufacturing facility today in a grand opening ceremony held in Taunton, Mass. Company officials, including mpm President Chris Blake and maxon motor CEO Eugen Elmiger, were on hand to welcome state and local officials and other invited guests and provide tours of the new building.

The two-story, 59,000-square-foot facility provides maxon with design engineering and production operations for the North American division. The company said the opening of the building is an integral component in the “ongoing global growth strategy underway” by the privately owned Swiss company, which has been in business since 1961.

maxon new hq ribbon cutting

maxon precision motors has a new U.S. manufacturing facility in Taunton, Mass. Source: Keith Shaw

Worldwide reach for precision motors and drives

Maxon is one of the leading companies in the precision DC motors and drive technology space, distributing products to more than 40 countries worldwide. Products include brushed and brushless DC motors, gearheads, sensors/encoders, and customized drives. Applications and industries that  utilize these components include medical technology, industrial automation, robotics, security and communications, aerospace, automotive and measurement/testing.

“Our vision is to be an integral part of maxon’s global growth strategy,” said Blake. “With expanded engineering services in place, our customers will enjoy a closer collaboration on design and manufacturing, and have a more direct line to our team during concept development, which will include rapid prototyping to better execute customer-specific products.”

The new facility in Taunton replaces a former sales, distribution and assembly operation in Fall River, Mass. The company said that its U.S. customers will benefit from closer collaboration to provide value-added opportunities and faster turnaround, since the new facility can manufacture the same products that are produced in Switzerland. In addition, a localized supply chain with U.S. vendors can help build stronger customer relationships and reduce lead times, maxon said.

“We have a great team with a lot of passion, creativity, and commitment,” said Elmiger. “[The U.S. market] is really the biggest market for maxon,” bringing in more than $130 million in revenue for the Swiss company.

In addition to the manufacturing and warehouse space, the new facility includes offices, conference areas, and engineering and design spaces. Within the manufacturing area, the space includes a model shop, prototyping area, machine shop, and assembly space.

“One of the reasons this site was chosen is because we’re able to expand here,” said Blake. “So we have every intention of doing that… This is going to be home for us now for many, many years to come.”