Misty II general availability Misty Robotics

Image: Misty Robotics

December 03, 2019      

BOULDER, Colo. – Misty Robotics, the creator of the Misty II platform robot, today announced the availability of its new .NET software development kit (SDK) for the Misty II robot. The company said developers will now have two options when creating skills for Misty II – either a JavaScript DK or the new .NET SDK for C#, one of the most popular enterprise programming languages.

The company said the .NET SDK support helps broaden the ecosystem of developers that can build skills for the Misty II robot for businesses, homes, researchers, and education puproses.

“Misty Robotics is leading the way in the platform robot category, taking down the existing barriers to entry and enabling developers worldwide to build for and compete in the personal, service, healthcare, education, retail and entertainment robot markets,” said Tim Enwall, CEO of Misty Robotics. “Misty Robotics has selected Microsoft as a technology partner for both the building of Misty II and the creation of her tools. With this new .NET SDK, we’re now opening up the Misty robotics platform to a broader developer audience.”

The company said by pairing the .NET SDK with low-level hardware access, developers can directly access sensor data, commands, debugging tools, and hardware resources. In addition, developers can tap into the .NET ecosystem of libraries and sample code, and build skills in native multi-threading.

“Given that I’m not a robotics expert but I do know C#, I was impressed with how quickly I was able to get up to speed programming Misty,” said Scott Hanselman, principal community architect for web platform and tools at Microsoft. “Direct deployment and debugging with a Visual Studio extension, a myriad of sensors and a massive .NET SDK filled with familiar types made this a robotic playground.”

Tools include a user-friendly Command Center, Skill Runner, and API Explorer, which lets developers test pre-built skills and features on Misty before building their own, Misty Robotics said. The robot platform comes equipped with technologies such as a 3D depth camera, microphone array, two Qualcomm processors, as well as obstacle detection and capacitive touch sensors. Developers can extend the robot’s capabilities through integration of third-party APIs, including those provided by Twilio, Microsoft, and Google. Third-party hardware such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi can also expand the robot, as well as physical augmentation through 3D printing features.

The robot is available today at $2,899, a 10% discount off the MSRP of $3,199. The company said it also offers payment plans and interest-free offers for qualified buyers.