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May 08, 2018      

Greetings, robotics news fans! It’s the first full week of May — we survived Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, and belated April showers — we’re all back to business now. Having scoured the Interwebs for data on which articles you enjoyed the most last month, we noticed that our event coverage was popular, as well as back-to-basics articles on artificial intelligence and the so-called Internet of Things.

In case you missed some of them, here are the Top 5 stories from April 2018 published in Robotics Business Review. Along with some other awesome content, this should catch you up on the latest robotics news and analysis in this fast-moving world. Remember, your pals at RBR have you covered!

5) New Index Ranks Robot, AI, and Automation Readiness for 25 Countries

We spend all our time covering robots here at Robotics Business Review, so we sometimes forget that it’s not the be-all, end-all topic for everyone around the world. Experts at The Economist and ABB jointly produced a report showcasing how countries around the world are preparing their citizens for automation through policies, funding, and education. Check out which countries are at the top of the list. (Hint: The U.S. isn’t No. 1, but at least it’s in the Top 10).

Read the story here.

4) 5 Machine Vision and Cobot Takeaways from The Vision Show

If you didn’t get a chance to come to Boston last month to learn about the latest in computer vision and collaborative robots, don’t worry — our elite editorial team shared its observations from The Vision Show. One big takeaway was that attendees wanted to learn more about how sensors can make robots safer, as well as as well the differences between traditional industrial robots and collaborative robots. Cobots are still treated like the “new kid on the block.”

Read the story here.

MODEX 2018: Top 10 Mobile Robot Exhibits to Catch

Credit: Chuck Koehler, via Flickr

3) MODEX 2018 coverage

Last month’s materials handling event in Atlanta generated two popular pieces. Our preview article focused on 10 mobile robot exhibits to catch, and then our at-the-show report covered even more mobile robots to see. Did we mention that mobile robots were big at this show?

Read the preview story here.

Read the event coverage story here.

2) What is Artificial Intelligence? Understanding 3 Basic AI Concepts

If you’re new to the world of AI and want a good starting point, check out this article, which gives you some definitions and differences between machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks.

Read the story here.

Infographic: An Introduction to the Industrial Internet of Things1) Infographic: An Introduction to the Internet of Things

More than just a buzzword, the Internet of Things refers to a network of Internet-connected devices that use sensors and chips to collect and exchange data. This article provides a basis for understanding IoT, offers a bunch of statistics and predictions around the topic, and gives links to other meaningful articles.

Read the story here.

More robotics news from April 2018

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What? You want more? OK, here are some other great articles from April:

OK, now you’re all caught up on the coolest robotics news from last month. Thanks for reading!