December 19, 2018      

Altan Robotech Giddel toilet-cleaning robot

Source: Altan Robotech

While we never saw Rosie the robot cleaning the toilet on The Jetsons, we’re pretty sure that it was one of the tasks that the robot maid of the future would have had on her to-do list.

Though we’re still far from that future envisioned by the 1960s cartoon, we at least have the option of getting a robot that can clean the toilet. Altan Robotech recently announced availability of its Giddel portable toilet-cleaning robot. Featuring a robotic arm driven by advanced sensors and 115 mechanisms that give the robot sophisticated dexterity, the robot can clean toilets of different shapes and sizes. Software algorithms also provide safety and obstacle detection to make the robot appropriate in any home, including those with young children and pets, Altan Robotech said.

Robotics Business Review Editor Keith Shaw recently spoke with Mina Bassalious, a senior research & development design engineer at Altan Robotech, about the inspiration behind the robot, and the company’s goals for selling these to homes around the world. Click the podcast player below to listen to the interview.

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