January 24, 2014      

Dawn of the new MTR (military-technical revolution): robotics!

If you?ve been wondering where former Navy Undersecretary Bob Work has gone, he?s been hired as the new CEO at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), and together with Shawn Brimley, a CNAS vice president, has also been busy writing the newly published, Preparing for War in the Robotic Age.

The work?s thesis, according to Work, is all about the ?new war-fighting regime in which guided munitions and battle networking has fully proliferated and unmanned and autonomous systems have become central to combat?.

Robots in the military

bob work

Military Times? Paul McLeary reported Army Gen. Robert Cone, “four-star commander of the powerful Training and Doctrine Command (a/k/a TRADOC),said at an Army Aviation Symposium on January 15th that the service is studying how robots could help replace 25 percent of the soldiers in each of its 4,000-strong combat brigades.”

“Technological superiority over
potential state adversaries
is now considered a
foundational aspect of any
U.S. defense strategy.”

?That?s because the current budget crunch is pushing the military to replace expensive human beings ? and the expensive hardware required to keep them alive ? with cheaper and expendable robots. The Army is under particular pressure because it has the most people, spending almost half its budget on pay and benefits, and those people take the heaviest casualties.

?I?ve got clear guidance to think about what if you could robotically perform some of the tasks in terms of maneuverability, in terms of the future of the force.?

To get a good look at dawning of this new MTR about which Cone speaks, look between the covers of Preparing for War in the Robotic Age.

You be the judge. Download your PDF copy above.

About the author

“Bob Work is in the very front ranks of those thinking about and working to strengthen our national security,” said CNAS Board Chairman Richard Danzig in a press release. “More than a thought leader, he is also a widely admired leader in all dimensions.?

As Undersecretary of the Navy, Work has been the principal assistant to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and the chief operations and management office at the Navy. He had a 27-year career in the Marines, which included commanding an artillery battalion and serving as base commander at Camp Fuji, Japan.