August 20, 2019      

RENO, Nev. – Robotic Assistance Devices, a subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, today announced it has commenced the manufacturing of its outdoor autonomous mobile security robot, known as ROAMEO (Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer).

ROAMEO provides customers with all-terrain and all-weather mobility for RAD’s ecosystem of security and alerting, tied into the company’s RADCloud software platform. The robot should have the ability o traverse surfaces with ridges and obstructions up to eight inches, with a variable speed up to 10 mph, climbing ability of up to 25 degrees, and a flexible run time of up to 20 hours, the company said. RAD added that full mobility performance specifications will be released over the coming months.

Steve Reinharz Robotic Assistance Devices

Steve Reinharz, Robotic Assistance Devices

“The release of SCOT in 2018 fueled our ability to deliver the same amazing RAD functionality via a mobile vehicle,” said Steve Reinharz, president and CEO of RAD. “ROAMEO is the realization of RAD’s goals to deliver next-generation security and concierge solutions to clients large and small.”

RAD said its systems are well-suited for uses in industries that include corporate enterprises, government, transportation, critical infrastructure, education and health care. In addition to ROAMEO, the company develops the SCOT, a stationary security tower with cameras and information panels; Wally, a wall-mounted security panel; and ROSA (Robotic Observation Security Apparatus), a self-contained security and communication device.

The company said it conducted a ‘soft launch’ of ROAMEO on July 31, and “received immediate interest from several of its clients, including several Fortune 500 companies.” Once development of ROAMEO is complete, it expects to create at least 20 ROAMEO units, with net monthly payments from clients of $4,200 per unit, for a lifetime of five years. “With the current interest of clients for 20 units, this could represent a potential revenue to RAD over the useful life of the units of $5 million,” the company said. It added that it expects to receive interest from clients for additional ROAMEO units in the future.