February 13, 2015      

Crowdfunding can be a great resource for all startups, not just robotics companies. But according to Kickstarter, there have been 943 robot campaigns on the crowdfunding website.

Many crowdfunding campaigns are unsuccessful, of course, but others are not. Some even hit homeruns with their crowdfunding campaigns. Just look at Jibo, the personal robot that raised $2.3 million on Indiegogo, it’s the most successful crowdfunded robot of all time.

A new drone-based game launched on Kickstarter yesterday called Zyro DroneBall. It’s designed to interact with multiple players or drones and react like a player, as it hovers, zigs and zags within a virtual arena programmed by Zyro. Zyro combines a DroneBall with wireless networking, remotes and an app that lets players choose from Zyro games for one person, two people or teams.

It remains to be seen whether Zyro will be successful on Kickstarter – at press time Zyro had raised $669 of its $50,000 goal from five backers – but it got us thinking: what are the most successful robot campaigns ever on Kickstarter?

Well, we found our answer and compiled the top 10 most funded robot campaigns from Kickstarter in this photo gallery. I didn’t include board games or movies about robots on this list, this is strictly for robots that actually function.

And, again, Jibo was crowdfunded on Indiegogo, we’ll compile that list soon, this is solely Kickstarter.

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