5 Best Robot Toys for Kids
July 21, 2016      

As an engineer formerly in manufacturing, I’ve had the opportunity to work with robotics, and even design and set up automation cells.

Though it’s not all fun – sometimes it seemed like these electronic “beings” simply don’t want to cooperate – for some reason I was driven to learn about, work with, and now write about automation.

Though I’ve always been curious about how things worked, the vision of robotics – whether realistic or not – that I saw in cartoons or science fiction like Star Wars certainly influenced this love of technology.

In my mind I thought, how amazing is it that we could, in the future, build something that walks and talks like a human! Besides reruns of Transformers, if you want to inspire your kid’s interest in robotics, here are a few toys that should spark that curiosity. Perhaps he or she might even allow you to “borrow” it after bedtime.

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