March 15, 2011      

ABB Robotics, a provider of industrial robots, has signed Andy Flessas (aka Andy Robot) and his company, Robotic Arts, to provide lead creative direction for the development of new robotic systems for the entertainment and commercial retail industries. The agreement will formalize the existing relationship between Flessas and ABB, and accelerate the introduction of their collaboratively developed robotic technology into a variety of new venues, including performance and event entertainment, sports bars, home theaters, and interactive point-of-purchase advertising.

Flessas is perhaps best known for his RoboScreen technology, which made its concert debut as part of the 2010 Bon Jovi Circle Tour. A RoboScreen is a graphic panel mounted to the arm of an ABB industrial robot, intended to bring controlled movement to the visual media and create a unique viewer experience. Five RoboScreens are currently performing on the Bon Jovi Live 2011 tour.

Flessas’ experience with robots began in the mid-1990s. In 2006 he completed a robotic programming, design, and operation certification program at the ABB training facility in Auburn Hills, Mich., and has since developed a portfolio of unique entertainment- and human interaction-based concepts for industrial robots, some using RoboScreens and some involving other proprietary technology.