October 01, 2013      

The term ‘Robotic Utility Vehicle’ (RUV) was coined by Clearpath Robotics because there was not yet a category that Grizzly fit into when it was released into the marketplace.

Grizzly is the first of its class. Grizzly RUV is designed for research in the industrial sector; it handles a multitude of applications for agriculture, mining and defense.

Multi-use RUV

The agricultural sector utilizes Grizzly because it can be used to autonomously maintain fields by providing harvest support, chemical spraying, cultivation and mowing.

As for mining, Grizzly is used to map and survey mines; it eliminates the risk of injury or death to humans and provides, in many cases, more accurate data collection.

Thirdly, military defense uses Grizzly to transport cargo; in particular, individual soldier packs that can weigh 75 kgs.

In rugged terrain, fatigue is a challenge to overcome since soldiers are often on-foot. The Army can use Grizzly for squad support to transport soldier packs or rescue materials, and follow the squad autonomously on their mission.

This allows soldiers to maintain energy for longer periods of time. Grizzly RUV is engineered to thrive in harsh, rugged, dangerous environments; its combined power and precision is the result of onboard current and voltage sensors, high precision wheel encoders, IMU, GPS, and a maximum drawbar of almost 1700 lbf.

With superior power, an unbeatable control system, and front axle articulation, Grizzly remains grounded and stable on even the most challenging terrain.

Additionally, any traditional utility vehicle implement can be attached to the Grizzly. General implements might include snow plow blades, trail mowers, lift and carry dump buckets, and winch kits.

With flexible payload mounting, easy access to low-level control parameters, API access, and complete software transparency, Grizzly is extremely modular, truly embracing the “utility vehicle” concept. Programming complex autonomous systems for Grizzly is simple because it is fully compatible with open-source software, which also allows for modularity and cost-savings for the customer.

With four high-torque motors, rugged 26″ all-terrain tires, class-leading ground clearance, a solid steel chassis, and 48V at 400Ah of power, it is ideal for industrial applications.

Grizzly is 69in x 51in x 32in with a base weight of 1450 lbs and a rated payload of 1320 lbs. Its ground clearance is 7.9 inches and it holds a maximum speed of 11 mph. Through its versatile payloads, autonomy capabilities, weatherproof design, combination of precision and power, and open-source architecture, Grizzly is enabling rapid and advanced research.

With Grizzly, robotics is beginning to enter industries that did not traditionally utilize robotics, and new opportunities are becoming available.

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