December 03, 2015      

On the eve of mass consumer adoption

Slava Rubin, Indiegogo?s CEO, has a cool vantage point to watch rising consumer interest in home robotics bubbling up around him.

“We saw the 3D printer trend, the drone trend, the activity tracker and now it’s smaller robots,” he told CNET. “The crowd wants to improve their lives. They want to track their health, track their homes, and understand everything going on.”

getting robot ready

Along with all that growing demand, the crowd is also throwing plenty of greenbacks at their best bets as to which ?smaller robot? will soon join them at home as the newest chapter in human/robot interaction unfolds.

And they?re not the only ones throwing greenbacks at consumer robotics, VCs are as well?by the millions of dollars! Like Jibo knocking down $25.3 million in Series A financing from RRE Ventures, CRV, Flying Bridge, and Two Sigma Ventures.

And, Jibo?s not alone when it comes to heady bankrolls; Softbank?s Pepper and Amazon?s Echo a/k/a Alexa are other well-heeled entrants sensing mass consumer adoption is at hand.

ABI Research, among others, forecasts the consumer robotics market to quadruple by 2019. Quadruple is a big-sounding word for a market that is, as of today, rather small by most standards.

But to quadruple anything in a short period of time, no matter what the present size, is cause for excitement and anticipation. For personal robots especially, for with them comes the expectation of a new mega-industry worth mega-billions.

Grab a seat

Let?s explore it together next Thursday, December 10th at 2pm EST.

Let?s take a look at the rising tide of interest in consumer robotics. What technologies are enabling the rise? How consumer segments will adopt, and which the fastest?

How is the market evolving beyond the traditional realm of household cleaning robots and into an era that will be filled with increasingly capable robot personal assistants and family companions?

What kinds of revenue are we looking at, and when?

Some forecasters are calling for a collective $12 billion in worldwide revenue just from key enabling components: processors, microcontrollers, sensors and servos.

And what about relationship building between humans and their personal robots? What innate qualities and capabilities do humans bring to living with machines that speak? What unique advantages can speaking machines offer humans?

Like the introduction of cell phones quickly followed by the transformation from flip phones to Smartphones, the world of personal/home robotics will similarly transform and disrupt lifestyles everywhere.

We?re all in for a wild and woolly ride.

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