January 15, 2016      

Who’s still missing?

The deadline for RBR50 nominations hurries near. On January 31, the polls slam shut on nominations for our 2016 Robotics Business Review RBR50 list.

RBR50 Form

Need a mnemonic anchor to keep the date in top of mind?

Super, here goes: January 31 is the birthday of Justin Timberlake, Jackie Robinson, Minnie Driver and Zane Grey.

For those who need an event anchor: January 31, 1958 ?Jackpot Bowling” premiered on NBC with Milton Berle as host. Bowling!

Please help us to pick the 50 global best. Nominate one today!

Nominations are now being accepted for the fourth annual RBR50 list of the most influential public and private companies in the global robotics industry.

We?d like to thank you in advance for your participation.