DeepDrumpf Twitterbot ‘Running for President’
October 17, 2016      

If you didn’t think the 2016 presidential election couldn’t get any crazier, think again.

Remember the DeepDrumpf Twitterbot built by MIT that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn Donald Trump’s speech patterns and send out Trump-like tweets? Well, DeepDrumpf is now running for president of the United States.

DeepDrumpf announced on Monday its presidential campaign along with a new website and crowdfunding campaign. Here’s where things get good.

All of the money DeepDrumpf raises won’t go to its campaign. Instead, 100 percent of the money will be donated to “Girls Who Code,” a non-profit organization focused on closing the gender gap in the tech industry by teaching them STEM skills. The goal is to raise $25,000 for the group, and at press time $509 had been raised.

The copy on the DeepDrumpf 2016 website was all created by the Twitterbot itself. And it couldn’t possibly sound more Trump-like:

“It’s a very exciting time for you to win. Your voices represent the American people surrendering this November 8th. Together, our American interests are with the wall. Together, we are making waterboarding part of the Republican Party again. Together, unleashing, perhaps all of our nuclear weapons.

“The time is now, believe me. We’re going to win.”

DeepDrump, named after Trump’s ancestral name (watch the video atop the page) sent out the following tweet announcing its campaign:

“The inspiration for @DeepDrumpf has unapologetically made embarrassing, unacceptable, and outright scary comments about women throughout his campaign, underscoring the importance of education and outreach efforts like the one this fundraiser supports,” writes DeepDrumpf creator, campaign manager, and CSAIL postdoc Bradley Hayes.

DeepDrumpf Twitterbot

Here’s what DeepDrumpf itself has to say on launching this campaign:

We don’t win anymore. We’re going to get rid of that disaster. We, every single American, are going to pay to fix the numbers – that’s going to Make America Great again.

[We’re going to make our coders] bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and nobody is going to mess with us, folks, nobody. The companies are already in our country, but the problem is that our education is a problem.

[We need to build] a nuclear firewall, and Russia will pay for it.

[It’s time to put women in] their place – [back into STEM ]. [We’re going to be] more unified and I think we’re going to be a much bigger party, and I think we’re going to win in November. Believe me.

Together we’re going to [#MakeComputerScienceGreatAgain] and get rid of regulation and the limits to the good-paying jobs.

DeepDrumpf is a bot trained on publicly available speech transcripts, tweets, and debate remarks. Using a machine learning model known as a Recurrent Neural Network, the bot generates sequences of words based on priming text and the statistical structure found within its training data.

Again, 100 percent of all donations go to “Girls Who Code.” If you’re a little unsure about DeepDrumpf, here’s how it stands on all the important political issues, including the economy, national security, foreign policy and immigration.