March 31, 2014      

In a move to ramp up its research and development (R&D), RBR50 company Ekso Bionics co-founder Russ Angold has become president of the division focused on technology development and future applications: Ekso Labs.

Angold will build out Ekso Labs to further develop intellectual property through engineering contracts and research grants from government organizations and industrial partners. Ekso Bionics Holdings has done engineering services work since the company’s 2005 inception.

?Our engineering services projects have been producing important intellectual property since our company began,? says Ekso Bionics CEO Nathan Harding. ?Making Ekso Labs autonomous will ensure that this engine of intellectual property continues to run as our medical products business grows.?


This is the third recent top-level staffing move for Ekso. In March, Glenn Davis was named vice president of sales, and Thomas Looby was hired as chief marketing officer.

Recently, Ekso Labs was awarded an Other Transaction for Prototypes Agreement from U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to develop technologies for the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) project.

TALOS, intended for enhanced strength with superior mobility and protection, is sometimes dubbed the ?Iron Man? suit. The exoskeleton chassis will be designed to allow soldiers to carry out missions with agility while carrying hundreds of pounds of load.

The TALOS project is integrating other functional elements, including armor and systems, to provide situational awareness and technology for vital- signs monitoring. Ekso Labs is part of a group assembling three TALOS prototypes all due this summer; the team includes Under Armour (athletic clothing manufacturer) and Legacy Effects (cinema special effects).

?The timing is right for TALOS from a technology perspective. With recent advances in engineering, it is now possible to build this kind of suit — but that doesn’t make it easy,? says Angold. ?No single industry can build it. SOCOM is assembling a team of exceptional players to ensure this project’s ultimate success, and we are proud to be the first contractor and to be at the center of this system.?