December 16, 2013      

Follow the money You’re going to love this. Weekly, throughout the year?especially at year’s end and mid the following quarter?we get inundated with queries from members, readers and media looking to find out the money dealings, M&As, orders and investments that took place in robotics during the previous calendar year. Formerly, we answered those requests with our now-old-fashioned, downloadable spreadsheet that contained every one of the deals that took place during the year, all laboriously hand scribed in great detail, month by month, by our staff. The resulting end product, a static spreadsheet, was kind of a dead end if members or readers or others wanted to slice and dice the data according to industry, by type or by the dollar amount or however. Enough, already! We definitely needed a better way. And our crack programming team delivered up a real beauty. Above, in the drop-down menu under Finance, you’ll see at the bottom of the menu: Interactive Transaction Tool. Clicking on it, you’ll come to a page that looks like this one below.

trans tool

Easy to use and insightful Want to find out both the individual and total investments made in, say, maritime robotics for 2013, it?s just a click away. The Interactive Transaction Tool sorts individually (seventeen industry segments are covered), or can sort for All Industries. Interested in just Government Funding or M&As or just Orders or just Investments, well, you?re in luck there as well. The Interactive Transaction Tool is a handy and fascinating financial gizmo that offers up some very cool insights into the business of robotics worldwide. Also, embedded together with the financial details are links to the stories behind each transaction: in-depth news on the whys and who behind each transaction?s genesis and projected future plans. And don?t forget to have some fun. Online tools are best when they are enjoyable to use. Click here to take a ride: Interactive Transaction Tool. Please note that the Interactive Transaction Tool is free and open to all on a temporary basis only. It will become a members-only access point beginning March 1, 2014.