April 13, 2009      

Summary: FMC Technologies, which makes fluid-control and construction systems for the oil industry, has bought 45 percent of Schilling Robotics, largely for Schilling’s developments in remote manipulators and remote-operated inspection and repair vehicles.

FMC Technologies, Inc. and Schilling Robotics announced in December that FMC has bought 45 percent of Schilling Robotics for $116 million, with an option to buy the rest of the company by 2012.

FMC manufactures heavy equipment, especially for the energy industry, specializing in high-pressure fluid-control, measurement and marine systems such as pumps, flow-control and processing systems, connectors and other components of offshore and undersea oil-exploration and drilling systems.

Schilling Robotics specializes in robotic and remote-operated heavy equipment that allow companies to do heavy construction or maintenance work on underwater facilities without sending divers into the water or into miniature subs. It also makes a series of remote manipulators that can be used on a variety of platforms.

FMC plans to apply Schilling’s technology to the installation and maintenance, especially, of its offshore drilling and pumping equipment.