March 09, 2015      

The Promise of a Machine that Can Make Just About Anything
and the New Economy that It Will Help to Shape

future tech
Please join us for Part #1 of a four-part series
during our year-long look at this newest and seemingly most disruptive technology
of the next fifty years.
Part #1: 3D Printing and Plastics, kicks off a series
that is sure to be informative, enlightening and full of surprises.
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Four guests, four fascinating inside looks into manufacturing?s future, and four opportunities where nearly anyone can play a major part in tomorrow?s 3D printing technology and business success.

Tasha Keeney, 3D printing industry analyst

The revolution within the automation revolution: 3D printing and advanced manufacturing. Get front and center on eye-opening industry analysis that charts the direction and fascinating upside of manufacturing?s future and a new economy.

Bruce Bradshaw, VP of Marketing, Stratasys

From prototyping to production: Is Stratasys already building the factory of the future with its recently announced (January) launch of nine Stratasys Direct Manufacturing facilities? Is Stratasys a leading player in the long-awaited big shift as 3D printing finally enters into contract manufacturing and custom building factories for major manufacturers?

Greg Mark, Founder & CEO of Mark Forged

3D printing?s impact on material science: New materials and new machines for new products. Manufacturing has a new tool of unlimited capabilities, and material science is rising to the challenge with new-age plastics, metals and everything in between. Visit with one 3D printing pioneer who built a first-ever machine to fabricate first-ever products.

Joel Gibbard, Founder of Open Bionics

Brilliant machines for brilliant end users: Visit with a visionary twenty-five-year-old engineer empowered by his 3D printing tool to energize and transform prosthetics with a new way to aid the under-served with low-cost, light-weight 3D printed hands.

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Join us March 12th at 2PM EST for a journey into the world of 3D printing and plastics. Strap on your earphones, sit back and take a look with us into tomorrow?s emerging materials, production, applications, and new business models for 3D printing in a world of plastics.

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