July 12, 2013      


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robot insurance

Who?s going to insure the robotics revolution? Here?s a quick heads up on next week?s must-read series on the insurance industry, robotics and robots.

Robotics Business Review?s Emmet Cole travels around the insurance industry to take a deep dive into the policies and practices of underwriters toward robotics.

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Part I (Thursday, July 18)

Finding cost-effective insurance coverage can be an unpredictable process for some robotics developers and start-ups. The insurance industry is only starting to engage with the next generation of robotics technology and not enough robots are sold to provide the critical mass of data that insurers need. Finally, a lack of regulatory and legislative guidelines complicates matters for both robot makers and insurers.

Part II (Thursday, July 25)

So, what can robotics developers, startups, and others, do to improve their chances of successfully navigating this unpredictable landscape? Find out in Part II, where expert sources in robotics and insurance share their tips and advice.