July 19, 2012      

Optima Control Solutions Ltd, an independent automation company, was approached by KUKA Robots and charged with the task of installing and programming a robot solution to integrate with the paper mill?s existing machine control system.

The mill?s automation engineer reported: ?We had complete confidence in the company?s expertise when KUKA recommended Optima as the best system integrator for the job. KUKA Robots employed a 3G router solution and made sure that remote robot diagnostics are possible via LogMeIn (a remote control desktop website). The most challenging part of the project was calculating the arc the robot had to take relative to the roll diameter and width sent over the bus by the PLC.

Stephen Carradice, Optima?s system design engineer explained that his main tasks were to engineer and commission the robot control software and to arrange integration between the existing Siemens S7 PLC and the new robot controls using a ProfiBus communications interface. The mill engineer commented that the KUKA/Optima technical competence was extremely good and very thorough.?

When asked to summarize the overall benefits resulting from this project, the mill?s automation engineer remarked, ?Improved reliability was the main aim for us; the robot is now functioning 100% of the time so we can claim the whole project to be a success. It is critically important for us to maximize our machine uptimes and KUKA?s solution is fully delivering on its promise. A number of other automation projects are planned and we are looking forward to working with Optima and KUKA Robots again.?