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May 20, 2015      

For applications demanding very high torque, drive specialist Maxon Precision Motors Inc. is launching its EC-i 40 DC brushless motor in a high-torque version. The iron-core internal rotor drive is available with a diameter of 40 millimeters and delivers up to 234 mNm of torque.

When it comes to powerful movements, Maxon delivers with its EC-i 40 High Torque series of DC motors. The Swiss drive specialist presents three powerful iron-core internal rotor drives. The drives have a diameter of 40 mm and are equipped with an innovative rotor. They feature high dynamics, a low cogging torque, and extremely high-output torque. The strongest motor in this series offers a maximum nominal torque of 234 mNm and is 56 mm in length. It exceeds the performance of its precursor model by up to 70 percent.

Especially Suitable for Robotics

The three new brushless DC motors are cost-effective and ideally suited for applications in robotics, prosthetics, and industrial automation. The compact design offers a great solution in applications with extreme space constraints. When needed, the EC-i 40 high-torque motors can be combined with Maxon gear heads, servo controllers, or position controllers. The EC-i 40 series is easily configured and available in Maxon’s online shop.

Additional information and technical data is available by contacting Maxon at [email protected].