Podcast: Inside WPI’s AIM Robotics Lab
July 18, 2016      

We recently took The Robotics Trends Show on the road to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, one of the leading robotics programs in the world, for an inside look at its Automation and Interventional Medicine (AIM) Robotics Research Laboratory.

Professor Greg Fischer gave us a tour of the AIM lab, which focuses on develop enabling technologies for medical robotics and robot-assisted surgery.

We sat down with Fischer to discuss some of the projects being worked on inside the AIM Lab, including an MRI-compatible robot designed to treat brain cancer, an MRI-compatible robot for prostate cancer, the PABI (Penguin for Autism Behavioral Interventions) robot designed to improve therapy for autistic children, and much more.

Fischer also discussed how surgeons are embracing the use of robots, whether patients trust surgical robots, and who’s liable should a surgical robot make a mistake.

Thanks again to Prof. Fischer and the entire team at WPI’s AIM Lab for having us out!

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