November 08, 2013      

?We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves
after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.?

?Marcel Proust

It?s the journey, isn?t it?

The Game Changer Awards program for 2013 has come and gone, and every entry?not just the winners?had an effect on us. We were quite moved by each and all.

Each of these fascinating machines had a backstory about it that told much about the people who created them. Most were the product of years of labor and problem solving; some had taken as much as decades to get to our office door.

Theirs were stories filled with years of academia, development labs, brainstorming, proofs of concept; prototypes gone right, prototypes gone wrong?some horribly wrong; stories of fund raising successes and failures; of blind alleys and eureka moments, all liberally sprinkled with bouts of doubt that maybe mom was right about becoming a dentist.

None of our entries took the road of least resistance. Instead, each persevered, did things their way and created an original machine quite unlike any other. In the process, robotics was well served and expanded upon with the creation of something practical and worthy.

We spoke to or corresponded with or most times did both with every entrant. We came to know our game changers well and came to hope that all would win, knowing full well that was kind of crazy but very human.

We came to admire and respect the journey that each and every entrant had set out upon for their life?s work and professional career. We hoped, like Proust, that each traveler had discovered wisdom along the way; and by the look of their machines, we knew that each had.

Hats off to one and all for sharing their remarkable journey with us. Congratulations to the nine winners of the Game Changer Awards for 2013.

Robotics Business Review will be following each winner?s ongoing journey throughout the year, report on it and bring it to the attention of our readers and members throughout the global robotics community.

Winners of Game Changer Awards for 2013

  1. Aethon:

    TUG autonomous mobile robot delivers goods and materials through hospital hallways.

  2. Autonomous Solutions:

    Forge extensible ground robot platform.

  3. Honeybee Robotics:

    Precision Sample Positioner is the robotic laboratory assistant at the heart of the Mars Science Laboratory’s mobile sample analysis suite.

  4. RobotsLAB BOX:

    Uses robots to demonstrate abstract concepts in Algebra I & II, Physics, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus.

  5. Hstar Technologies:

    Robotic Nursing Assistant (RoNA), designed to lift patients weighing up to 500 pounds or more.

  6. Universal Robots:

    UR5 lightweight robotic arm.

  7. Clearpath Robotics:

    Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle for rough, rugged, hazardous environments

  8. Jabez Technologies:

    ROBOTMASTER/V6 – CAD/CAM for robots integrates robot programming, simulation and code generation.

  9. Wynright:

    Robotic Truck Unloader (RTU) an autonomous robotic platform that unloads floor loaded trailers or ocean containers from a receiving dock.

See complete entrants list: Game Changer Awards for 2013.