October 01, 2013      

Let the games begin

Can you deliver the best two-minute pitch of your life? Can you make an investor?s eyes bug out and an audience jammed with people grow suddenly very quiet as you speak? Can you mesmerize and thrill and wow all at the same time?

idea pitch

If so, the RoboBusiness Pitchfire is where you should be standing come Wednesday afternoon, October 23rd at 4:00PM. It will take all of you and more to win, but it?ll be more than well worth the effort.

Two minutes in October could well be the most important and memorable two minutes of your life.

You say that you?ve got a world-beating idea or prototype or plan or dream that will jump up robotics a few pegs. Then pitch it at the Pitchfire!

You?ll get two minutes of a two-hour session in front of four high-powered investors to pitch that startup idea of yours. Are you and your idea up for it?

The RoboBusiness Pitchfire is the outlier event of the entire three-day conference: totally unstructured and unpredictable; you alone in front of four very smart dudes who listen to hundreds of startup pitches like yours every year. Most times they?re bored to tears?but polite.

You?ll need to be different. You?ll be out there alone needing to give everything you?ve got.

Be there for this one. It?ll be awesome. Hope you?ll be awesome too. Enter today!

Here?s what you get:

I. Event pass to the RoboBusiness Pitchfire 4:00PM to 6:00PM

  • Chance for two-minute startup pitch to Pitchfire judges
  • Attract additional interest and attention from investors and manufacturers in the Pitchfire audience
  • Winner to receive full RoboBusiness conference pass
  • Winner gets profile article in Robotics Business Review

II. Evening Networking ?Show Me the Money? Reception & Foodfest 6:00PM to 8:00PM

  • Get noticed! Eat, drink, mingle, buttonhole and re-pitch for two hours

See full details and entry form: Pitchfire