December 20, 2013      


If I didn?t know better, I?d swear that the video below was some kind of a put-on skit from Saturday Night Live.

Of course, it isn?t?yet. It?s actually Dr. Dean Aslam, who is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Michigan State University and founding editor in chief of the Journal of Nano- systems and Technology.

Dr. Aslam is a senior member of the IEEE and, according to the Manhattan PR firm that sent me the video, Aslam is an ?18-year industry expert?currently working on a project with mind-controlled robots that have applications for operating drones, prosthetics, smart homes and can even be used in the early detection of neuro disorders, like Parkinson’s Disease.?

Here in the video, Dr. Aslam dons a painter?s cap tricked out with electronics to demonstrate how the 10 microwatts (one microwatt is equal to one millionth (10?6) of a watt) of power from the human forehead can easily control a robot?and potentially lots more.

Seems like he?s in need of a good smartphone app. Any ideas? Contact him at: Dr. Dean Aslam.

While watching, just keep telling yourself that the guy in the video is not Will Ferrell in make-up.