December 17, 2015      

The RBR50 for 2016

For years now the robotics community has helped us find, nominate and then to elect the world?s best in robotics. We need you once again. Please join the hunt to build out this year?s RBR50 best in robotics for 2016.

What does a nominee look like?

Making the RBR50 list in the past has run the gamut from one-person startups to diminutive laboratories to mid-size developers all the way up to giant conglomerates.

RBR50 Form

The one thing that they all have in common is you: you help us to determine who makes the list; you are the moving force that scours everywhere amid the robotics ecosystem for those you consider worthy.

There are always surprises in the final 50; no one ever seems to be a lock to win out, and every year you surprise us with several out-of-the-blue picks that turn out to be heady, well-deserved selections.

For us, that?s the fun part in the hunt for the annual RBR50.

In the end a solid-looking and worthy bunch of robotics companies and development organizations ?some familiar, others complete strangers?climb aboard our pages and take their places within the RBR50 interactive list.

It?s a list that always turns out to be the overwhelmingly most visited and most popular page in all of Robotics Business Review. Tens of thousands of eyeballs go there first off when arriving on our website.

Starting today!

As always, we?re inviting our global readers to participate in hunting the wider robotics world for nominees in the RBR50 election process.

Nominations begin today, December 15, 2016

Please take time to consider well a robotics company or other entity that you?ve noticed impacting the robotics industry, developing new technologies or just being the best at the tech and craft of robotics.

We trust and depend on your judgement.

The winning 2016 member list

The RBR50 list is not just a list of names, rather, it?s meant to be an active tool for you, our readers, to utilize in comparing and contrasting technologies in important robotics markets, in keeping an eye on current and future tech and business trends as well as investment opportunities.

Potent benefits for each RBR50 member

We track our RBR50 members throughout the year, keeping in touch with how the marketplace views their progress, what analysts, partners or customers are reporting; how their technology is seen by fellow roboticists and others in the high-tech and business communities.

Throughout the coming year, we write profiles, articles and news stories about our RBR50 companies, including their products, applications and management.

Here?s how to help

To nominate:YOUR OWN OR YOUR EMPLOYER?S COMPANY, please click button below.

To nominate:A COMPANY OTHER THAN YOUR OWN OR YOUR EMPLOYER?S COMPANY, one that you think deserves to be an RBR50 honoree, please email the company name, URL, and any company contact information to Eugene Demaitre, Senior Editor, Robotics Business Review: mailto: [email protected]

Remember that all entries must be received by the January 31, 2016 deadline.

The RBR50 for 2016 will be officially announced February 22, 2016.

We?d like to thank you in advance for your participation.