August 30, 2013      

Everyday at Robotics Business Review we see the future as it?s being designed?the newest robots, cutting-edge ideas, problem-solving software. It all comes across our desks. So this year, we?re honoring the best and brightest the way they deserve, with the 2013 Game Changer Awards.

Of course, the toughest part of an awards program is judging. To sift through our list of brilliant technologies, we recruited a group of highly qualified and discerning judges to make the final call.

The International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems (IJARS) has selected six technical experts in robotics to serve as judges for the Game Changer Awards. Representing the business world, RBR recruited two highly respected VC judges whose business it is to identify disruptive technologies. After all, the top tech deserves consideration by the best of their biz. We are confident in these judges? integrity and expertise, and you should be too. That?s why we wanted to make an introduction.

So meet our judges, experts in their fields, from all around the world:

Researchers, businessmen, engineers?they?ve got the scope of robotics covered and they know a game changer when they see one.

Question is? is that you?

If you have a robotic product or technology that revolutionizes the industry, enter RBR?s 2013 Game Changer awards.