December 01, 2015      

?We haven?t any choice but to use every productivity technique known to man if we want to maintain the pay scales and standard of living we have.?
?Joe Engelberger, New Scientist, 1983

The New Scientist, in its interview with Joe back in 1983, captured his essence perfectly: ?From his crew-cut and bow tie to his slip-on shoes, Engelberger is the all-American guy. He exudes warmth, humor, and joie de vivre. Zest for life translates as ?robotics is fun? for this man, who is more likely to quote the classics than statistics.?

Late in life, part of his every week was spent with his daughter Gay reading aloud to him from Robotics Business Review. That’s so cool for us and we’re so very honored.

One of those articles from a few years back was about his road to Unimate, as told by George Munson. It’s about life, and it’s life affirming. It’s a good read for anyone on their own road to robotics.


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