Rethink Robotics Baxter Robot
September 01, 2015      

Rethink Robotics has pioneered the category of collaborative robotics with Baxter, the only industrial robot that is safe and versatile enough to be used in education, yet smart and flexible enough to succeed on the manufacturing floor.

In addition to its groundbreaking ability to work collaboratively with line operators on the plant floor, Baxter is also a robust and versatile teaching platform. It is currently being used to instruct students across the entire spectrum of engineering education, from K-12 STEM programs to collegiate engineering to graduate research to adult workforce development, in more than 30 countries around the world.

Studies show that engaging students in STEM subjects at an early age promotes interest and readiness for high tech careers.

At the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, visitors young and old can test their skills with the World’s Safest Production Robot. Professor Jason Low and his team at North Carolina State University use Baxter in a summer camp for high school students to expose them to new career possibilities involving robotics.

Northeast Iowa Community College is the home of “Baxter the Hugging Robot,” and uses Baxter for student outreach to show students and parents how technology can open up new possibilities for the next generation.

Colleges and universities utilize Baxter’s versatile software packages to develop career readiness across a number of engineering disciplines, such as computer programming, mechatronics, machine vision, and manufacturing automation.

Professors at Northwestern University use Baxter to demonstrate advanced engineering concepts taught in lecture, such as inverse kinematics, trajectory planning, and machine learning.

Lead instructor Clayton Workman at Surry Community College helps students learn work-ready skills by having them design, then operate real-world production tasks with Baxter.

With its unparalleled inherent safety, flexible and intuitive software, and notable affordability, Baxter is helping to change the fabric of engineering education around the world. It remains the only robotic platform to offer a true continuity of learning from elementary and primary school programs to higher education to adult learning to the professional workplace.

Baxter is a revolutionary educational platform, helping to raise the standard of student learning around the globe. Rethink Robotics is proud to maintain its commitment to the advancement of knowledge at every level with its smart, collaborative robots. And we remain dedicated to supporting the manufacturing, research and education markets in new and innovative ways with our unique Baxter platform.