June 14, 2016      
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Self-driving Vehicles: Autonomy Just Up the Road

Odd partners, odd happenings on the road to autonomy

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If you are keeping score on who’s partnering with whom and why and how on the road to driverless everything, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that there are some wild and crazy partnerships happening that make little sense until you given them a closer look.

Will Silicon Valley become the next Motor City? Why is Amazon mulling over the notion of getting into driverless transportation? What’s up with Fiat Chrysler looking to be a hardware supplier? Why is Tesla’s 780 million miles of driving data so important to the federal government? How come, NVidia, the well-known gaming chip maker is under the hood of everyone’s new four-wheeler? And why is Norway going all-electric and banning gas and diesel by 2025?

“Investors no longer wonder who in the auto industry is involved in automated vehicles.
Now, the question is, who is not in the market.” -Jim Nash

Inflection point?
Autonomous vehicles look all but inevitable, to the surprise of doubters and naysayers. From advanced, high-fidelity sensors to ungainly legal concepts like liability, this sector is solidifying.

Special guest: Tasha Keeney, Automation Analyst, ARK Investment Management

The Boston Consulting Group predicts that the global market for partially and fully autonomous vehicles will reach $42 billion in 2025, and that is in spite of modest unit sales. Boston Consulting predicts sales of the vehicles will not reach 30 million globally until 2035. According to market-analyst firm Statista Inc. global sales of cars will reach 74 million.

Most carmakers are promising driverless models for circa 2020-just about when the decline of the American car culture picks up speed and the spending power of Millennials soars.”

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