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Component Roundup: Direct Drive Motor, Cybersecure LVDT Signal Conditioner

Source: Mitsubishi Electric

February 08, 2019      

After a busy couple of weeks in the robotics components product announcement space, we only had a few news announcements of note, including a new direct drive motor from Mitsubishi, and an LVDT signal conditioner with tampering protection from Alliance Sensors Group.

Low-profile direct drive motor

Mitsubishi Electric Automation this week announced a new Low-Profile Direct Drive Motor (TM-RG2M / TM-RU2M), aimed at machine designers and end users looking for direct control of a load without traditional transmission components.

Mitsubishi Electric TM-RG2M004E30 Low Profile Direct Drive Motor robotics components

Source: Mitsubishi Electric

“Built with speed and precision in mind, it provides a smaller footprint and allows for more compact, efficient, and precise machines than those typically built using rotary servo motors,” Mitsubishi said in a statement. Applications that can use the new motor include coating and vapor deposition systems, index tables, tool changers, rotary material handling robots, and rotary axis on XYθ inspection positioning systems, the company said.

“The TM-RG2M / TM-RU2M Low-Profile Direct Drive Motor reduces the complexity of traditional mechanical power transmission systems, which increases the machine efficiency and reduces downtime/maintenance by eliminating mechanical components,” said Dan Zachacki, senior product marketing engineer at Mitsubishi Electric Automation. “It provides customers with all the advantages of a servo motor in a compact package that is capable of supporting and driving a load directly.”

Additional details on the motor can be found here.

LVDT signal conditioner

Alliance Sensors Group launched its latest LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) signal conditioner, the S2A. Designed for power generation applications, the S2A “offers smart and fast LVDT/RVDT setup and has been engineered to work with the widest range of LVDTs, RVDTs, and inductive half-bridge sensors, including 3-wire GE LVRTs and GE gas turbine buck-boost style LVDTs.”

In addition, the signal conditioning module features cybersecurity tamper prevention and notification features that alert system operations of tamper attempts.

Alliance Sensors Group S2A robotics components

Source: Alliance Sensors Group

“We are extremely excited about the release of the S2A,” said Harold Schaevitz, president and CEO of Alliance Sensors Group. “The marketplace has asked Alliance Sensors for several enhanced features, and our engineering staff has exceeded expectations and delivered a superior product for the Power Gen market compared to other manufacturer’s products.”

The company said the S2A features more system diagnostic capabilities than any stand-alone LVDT conditioner on the market, with the ability to detect at least 11 fault conditions. Its push-button calibration can reduce setup time by a factor of 10, and the internal microprocessor automatically sets up the LVDT signal conditioner. It can also be set up remotely via an RS-485 port connection. For installations involving multiple position sensors, the S2As can be master/slaved to prevent cross talk between sensor signals, the company added.

The S2A can be used in steam valve position feedback, governor and throttle valves, interceptor and stop valves, boiler feedwater pumps, and turbine control systems.

For more details on the new S2A AC-LVDT Signal Conditioner, visit the Alliance Sensors Group website.

Best of the rest

Some additional announcements in the general components space include: