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HPSC: maxon motor Develops High-Performance Sensorless Control

HPSC demonstration case. Source: maxon motor

July 05, 2018      

maxon motor has developed a sensorless speed- and torque-control solution called High-Performance Sensorless Control, or “HPSC.”

This new technology allows field-oriented control (FOC) for brushless motors without sensors from full stop to full speed under load. This HPSC uses a sophisticated signal-injection algorithm that precisely determines the rotor position for a smooth startup each and every time.

  • Low noise, no vibrations
  • Maximum power efficiency
  • Robust and reliable

This system contains an HPSC module 24/5 — dimension and power range can be adapted if required. The firmware of the module may be customized for every drive system. HPSC is a custom-made solution ideal for surgical systems, fluid-delivery systems, and rehabilitation and prosthetics. Contact maxon for more details at [email protected].

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