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November 12, 2014      

Two years ago, Maxon Motor introduced a new generation of brushed DC motors called the Maxon X drives. These are extremely powerful, easy to configure online, and ready for shipment within 11 days.

The company has added four more motor sizes to its existing portfolio. The 14, 16, 22 and 26 mm diameter models are now each available in a long version (L) that offer higher continuous torque and higher continuous output power.

Maxon is also introducing four new GPX planetary gearheads, in the sizes 14, 19, 26 and 37 mm, compatible to existing products in the program. These gearheads are designed with scaled gear stages. Each of the new 3-stage gearheads can be driven with the next smaller motor. This brings many advantages, as the resulting drive system is smaller, lighter and more economical.

The company said the existing GPX 16 and GPX 32 models are available in various versions and can be equipped with ceramic axles to reduce wear. Customers looking for a particularly low-noise gearhead have the option of choosing plastic planetary gears.

Maxon also expanded the encoder portfolio, saying the new ENX 16 Easy absolute encoder is available as an SSI or BiSS-C version.

Maxon says all of its new products are already available in the online shop. They can be configured together with the other maxon X drive products.