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October 11, 2017      

Many engineers encounter precision drive systems in their jobs — and perhaps you do too. But even if you are not an engineer, you come across our DC motors, gearheads, and controllers on a daily basis. For example, in public transport like trains, buses or planes. Even when you get into an elevator, hidden drives open and close the doors. These invisible helpers seldom are noticed, yet they have become of utmost importance in our everyday activities.

Safely crossing the road

An aid installed at the traffic light makes it easy for blind people to determine whether the light is green or red. Underneath a little box, a pin powered by a maxon motor rotates when the light is green. Pedestrians can feel the status with their fingers.

Precision-drive systems enable longer-range commuting.

Bikedrive enables commuters to climb steeper hills.

Bikedrive: More power for bicycles

The Mayberg family lives on a hillside. Last year, Max bought a new mountain bike. When he realized that cycling up the steep incline with Mia in the trailer took him to his limits, he got his bike retrofitted with a maxon Bikedrive, an electric drive with a powerful rear wheel motor, battery, and PowerGrip. Now the hill is no longer a problem.

Transporting patients

Special gurneys simplify patient transport. The gurneys can be adjusted electronically. This makes it very easy to move patients into and out of an ambulance. Each gurney is equipped with two customized brushed RE40 motors.

Wind protection for convertibles

The morning is sunny and warm; Marissa has opened the top of her convertible. Automatic wind deflectors reduce the turbulence inside the car. This protection is activated by a customer-specific maxon precision drive system.

These feet were made for walking

Invisible yet vital: Prostheses make life a lot easier for many people, like this young woman who wears a prosthetic leg. The C-Leg from Ottobock contains high-precision motors that give the wearer more stability and add quality of life.

More safety in public

Surveillance cameras secure public places, historical buildings or airports. At busy intersections, traffic monitoring by video ca-me-ra is indispensable. DC motors are usually behind the cameras’ ability to swivel.

Less exhaust fumes from trucks

CO2 emissions are an increasing burden on the environment. It is crucial that we find solutions to reduce these emissions. In many trucks, exhaust gas treatment for diesel motors is implemented with an injection pump driven by maxon products.

Craving for kebab

In the kebab shop at the corner, the vendor slices the freshly roasted meat off the spit with an electrical kebab knife — and again, maxon technology helps to make it work. The main requirement is heat resistance, but that is no problem for precision drive systems that run smoothly even on Mars.

Editor’s note: This article is a special sponsored submission by maxon motor ag and appears in driven: The maxon motor magazine.

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