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Top 5 AI and Robotics News Stories You May Have Missed in March 2018

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April 03, 2018      

Happy new month, everyone! Welcome to April and all of the spring-like weather being promised. At least in the Northern Hemisphere – if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, welcome to fall! We’re starting a new feature here at Robotics Business Review. With my social media and analytics hat firmly on my head, we’re going to present you with the Top 5 robotics news items from the past month that, for whatever reason, you may have missed. We won’t judge you poorly if you didn’t catch this – we understand that maybe you forgot to check in with your pals at RBR.

Robot Microscopes, AI Bias Among IBM's 5 'Life in 2023' Predictions

IBM Research predicts that tiny AI-powered microscopes will be able to monitor plankton in the world’s oceans. Credit: IBM Research

5. Robot Microscopes, AI Bias Among IBM’s 5 ‘Life in 2023’ Predictions

IBM’s annual predictions about the life in the next five years is always a big deal, but what made this year’s predictions even more interesting was robotics and artificial intelligence being among them. On the robotics side, this included the concept of robot microscopes that can help watch the world’s oceans. On the AI side, IBM predicts that we’ll address the bias that plagues AI development.

Read the story here.

4. Infographic: Agricultural Drones Grow Big Data, Profits for Farmers

While drones that do cool things like take selfies or deliver packages get a lot of the media coverage (including here, we’ll admit that), there are heavy-lifting drones that get work done in the agricultural industry. Check out the statistics about this burgeoning field. Go on, take a peek at the data on this market.

Read the story here.

Manufacturing robots BMW

3. How Manufacturing Automation Is Evolving

Sure, automation has been involved in manufacturing since at least the 1970s, but there are big changes happening with this field. Cobots and RaaS aren’t just buzzwords — they’re transforming production. Check out guest author Nathan Sykes’ thoughts on the latest trends as reflected in recent AI and robotics news.

Read the story here.

2. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Converge With Robotics

Virtual reality isn’t just for the characters in Ready Player One or The Matrix – it’s being paired with robotics in real life to create even cooler applications. Along with augmented reality — think Pokemon Go — see how researchers are combining these technologies to bring new ideas to the marketplace.

Read the story here.

Top 10 Reasons Robotics Startups Fail

1. Top 10 Reasons Why Robotics Startups Fail

You may have already seen this robotics news item, because the headline has the “Top 10 reasons” and the word “fail,” and we know how to get people to click on links. But in case you haven’t yet read this, check out this article from Adam Shayevitz for his take on all of the obstacles that robotics startups face. If you have your own startup or are thinking about jumping into the robotics game, this advice can help you avoid some of these pitfalls.

Read the story here.

Don’t forget to check out Robot Investments Weekly (and our Transactions Database), as well as our regular Robotics & Geopolitics roundups. OK, you’re all caught up from the coolest robotics news from last month. See you next month!

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