UGV Vendors Take National Security Dispute to Court

A Micro Tactical Ground Robot from Indiana Task Force One awaits instruction from its controller July 25 at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center during training operations at Vibrant Response '14. Micro Tactical Ground Robots are a vital asset to search and rescue operations with mounted cameras for the operator to check the condition of trapped people.

July 28, 2017      

Two prominent unmanned ground vehicle, or UGV, suppliers to the U.S. military have traded charges of foreign influence and defamation.

Robo-Team NA Inc. has filed a complaint against Endeavor Robotics claiming that Endeavor defamed it while lobbying the U.S. Congress.

Robo-Team alleges that its competitor's representatives raised concerns that Robo-Team has raised millions of dollars from Chinese investors. Endeavor's representatives have said that such fund-raising was a matter of public ...

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