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December 23, 2014      

Parrot has focused a lot on making fun drones, but the Bebop takes the company a step further with its focus on aerial photography. Parrot has equipped the Bebop drone with a 1080p, 14MP HD camera that offers a 180-degree field of view, both horizontally and vertically.

The actual video recording on the Bebop won’t capture the full 180-degree view, but you can pan a 16:9 view across the camera from within the app. The wide-angle camera allows Bebop to forego the complicated multi-axis gimbal setup required for most action camera drones. Parrot uses software stitching in order to avoid excessive curvature from the lens.

The Bebop creates a WiFi network that you’ll need to connect to when piloting. From an iOS and Android device, you’ll have up to 300 meters of distance for the drone. The Skycontroller lets you fly up to 1.25 miles away.

Bebop uses a 3-axis gyro to stabilize and includes rubber cushioning for the camera. The device also uses software image stabilization in order to keep the frame steady as it records. In the event of any collision, the propellers stop automatically. The emergency mode allows the drone to land immediately. Thanks to a GPS system, a Return Home function brings the Bebop drone easily back to its take-off point. Finally, EPP hulls included in the pack makes indoor flights safer.

Bebop comes with 8GB of onboard memory, enough to record four full flights. A software update will also allow you to plug a USB stick in the back for additional memory. Parrot Cloud is a feature that keeps track of all your flights and share your photos, videos and navigation data with other members of the Parrot Academy. Connected to YouTube and Facebook for sharing.