WORX Landroid M Robotic Lawn Mower

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July 27, 2015      

WORX Landroid owners don’t think twice about heading to the beach, taking in a ball game, playing a round of golf or leaving town for vacation. Once the boundary wire is laid and the mower is programmed, Landroid sets to the task. Program it to mow the lawn Monday, Wednesday and Friday or any combination of days and times until the entire lawn is cut.

There’s no gas, oil, air filter or spark plug to fuss with. Landroid includes easy-to-follow installation and operational instructions that take the owner on a step-by-step journey of how the mower functions and performs.

The initial setup takes up to three hours depending on the yard size. The homeowner walks the property and marks the mower’s territory with the border wire, which is buried or staked onto the ground. Landroid strategically mows the grass within the perimeter of the boundary wire until the entire lawn is cut. If the mower’s 28V lithium-ion battery needs recharging, it stops mowing and returns itself back to its charging base. It takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge the mower’s battery.

Landroid will cut up to 0.25 acres or 10,800 sq. ft. of lawn. Variable conditions include species of grass, sharpness of the cutting blades, humidity, outside temperature and obstacles in the yard. At 1,100 sq. ft., Landroid’s estimated mowing time is three hours. At 10,800 sq. ft., it takes 27 hours to cut the lawn, which can be managed over multiple days. Noise-reduction technology allows the mower to do the job quietly without disturbing neighbors.

If the Landroid hits an obstacle in its path, such as a lawn ornament, tree trunk or raised flower bed, shock sensors halt its course and redirect it away from the object. The mowing vehicle manages slopes up to 20 degrees. It incorporates a three-blade mulching system. If the mower is lifted off the ground during operation, its sensor immediately stops the blades’ rotation. The mower even has a rain sensor that automatically shuts down its operation when raining and returns it to the charging base.

Raising and lowering the mower’s deck is a snap with the one-touch cutting-height adjustment with seven positions from 1.6 to 4 in. The mower’s cutting width is 7 in. Security-minded features include a PIN security code lock and an anti-theft alarm if someone decides to take the mower unannounced.