December 02, 2013      

Fanuc Robotics UK has released an energy efficient universal palletising robot that delivers a 16% higher wrist load and 13% greater throughput than its predecessor.

The M410-iC/185 offers a 185kg payload, and an average speed of 1,700 cycles per hour, to a wide variety of food and beverage manufacturers and its four-axis arm can stack pallets as high as 2.4 metres.

Fanuc’s latest machine also has a compact 610 x 806mm footprint and its energy consumption has been reduced to a maximum of 3kW per hour.

“This robot is equally at home palletising bags of sugar as it is shifting crates of soft drink bottles,” said Darren Whittall, technical manager at Fanuc Robotics. “It can handle anything from bags, sacks, cartons, shrink-wrapped bottles and cans to crates, tins and trays.”

Source: Fanuc