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GreyOrange Butler Sweden Zalando

GreyOrange has deployed its Butler robotics warehouse system to a fulfillment center in Sweden for online fashion site Zalando. Source: GreyOrange

February 06, 2019      

Warehouse automation company GreyOrange today announced the deployment of its Butler robotics system for Zalando, one of the leading online fashion and lifestyle platforms in Europe. The robots will be deployed at a 30,000-square-meter fulfillment center in Brunna, Sweden, near Stockholm.

The goods-to-person Butler system was deployed “to manage Zalando’s growing volume of orders, as well as to complement and support manual work for employees,” GreyOrange said in a statement.

Filling orders faster

“Zalando believes in pairing cutting-edge automation solutions and passionate employees,” said Jan Bartels, vice president of customer fulfillment and Logistics with Zalando. “We use automation to ease the workload of our employees, by taking on monotonous and non-ergonomic tasks. At the same time, we increase efficiency. Better and faster warehouse operations allow us to process orders even faster, and our customers will benefit from shorter delivery times.”

The GreyOrange Butler system also offers a multi-SKU storage system along with its robots. The company said many of its order-to-dispatch times were halved based on its SLA-based order fulfillment requirements.

GreyOrange Dieter Berz-Voege

Dieter Berz-Voege, GreyOrange

“We are proud to work with Zalando and see how the GreyOrange Butler speeds up the order handling and dispatch,” said Dieter Berz-Voege, CEO of EMEA for GreyOrange. “Artificial intelligence works well in the online marketplace, and also at the back-end to manage a very extensive product range, handle thousands of orders per minute, and deliver faster order-to-dispatch cycles. Such automation enables fulfillment centers to be future ready, to handle the variabilities of new products and the volatility of seasonal peaks.”

Red-hot market for warehouse robots

The warehouse robotics market remains red-hot for startups and established players. A new report by Hexa Research predicts a $6 billion market for the global warehouse market by 2025. In addition, a report by research firm Tractica is predicting that almost 1 million warehouse and logistics robots will ship by 2022.

GreyOrange said its Butler solution has been deployed in distribution centers in Japan, India, Europe, and the Americas, across industries such as third-party logistics (3PL), electronics, and retailers. Key customers include XPO Logistics in the U.S., and Nitori, Daiwa, and Trusco in Japan.

In 2018, the company announced a significant expansion into the U.S. market, building a new headquarters in Atlanta and a research and development center in Boston. The company also secured a whopping $140 million Series C round of funding in September 2018.