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Raymond, Seegrid Launch Automated Lift Truck Stacker

Image: Raymond Corporation

May 08, 2019      

GREENE, N.Y. – The Raymond Corporation this week launched a new automated lift truck stacker that uses Seegrid’s vision-guided technology for autonomous stacking from pick to delivery locations, the companies said in a statement.

The Raymond Courier 3030 stacker, combines horizontal transport and vertical pallet lifting functions, and is part of Raymond’s intelligent warehouse solutions. The vehicle is aimed at handling and transporting products between connected manufacturing and warehousing facilities, as well as maximize workforce productivity and drive down labor costs, Raymond said. The Courier 3030 stacker has a second-level vertical reach capability of up to 72 inches, and a weight capacity of 2,500 pounds, which lets it perform pickup/drop-off, end-of-aisle, and end-of-line applications. It can also perform conveyor picking, Raymond said.

Optimizing workflows

“Warehouses are constantly driven to address industry challenges like rising labor costs and workflow management. It can be easy to overlook the need to optimize operations before turning to automation,” said Michael Field, Raymond Corp. CEO. “The Courier 3030 stacker was built with flexibility and versatility in mind to address customer challenges in the supply chain and logistics industries. Leading-edge technology like the Courier 3030 stacker helps keep customers’ operations functioning at higher efficiency and productivity levels in an on-demand world that is always on.”

The vehicle can transport different pallet sizes and types, and reverse-motion and auto-engagement functions help optimize workflow and increase productivity, the company said. Workflow can be shared between workers and the automated vehicle, allowing more time for forklift operators to learn additional, more engaging skill sets.

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“For nearly a decade, Seegrid and Raymond have strategically partnered to combine Seegrid’s market-leading expertise in automation with Raymond’s end-to-end warehouse solutions and lift truck proficiency,” said Jeff Christensen, vice president of product, Seegrid. “Seegrid’s powerful and proven Vision technology enables vehicles like the Raymond Courier 3030 to autonomously solve the biggest challenges in manufacturing, distribution and e-commerce fulfillment to create real value for customers.”

Seegrid’s Smart Platform combines infrastructure-free vision-guided vehicles with fleet management software, accelerating Industry 4.0 and lean initiatives with incremental automation, helping companies connect their business and transform into smart factories of the future.

Additional details on the new Courier 3030 are available at the Raymond website.