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LaserMotive Offers Novel UAV Power Solution

LaserMotive is pioneering the use of laser power beaming systems, a technology that has the potential for use in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other types of applications. The privately held company, based in Kent, Wash., took top honors at...

Cimcorp Acquires RMT Robotics

European automated material handling company acquires RMT Robotics, which will offer integrated robotic gantry systems for tire, warehouse and distribution markets.

Sanswire’s Compelling, Clouded Vision

Travails of airship developer Sanswire illustrate the potential and the pitfalls of the nascent, lighter-than-air, persistent surveillance platform market.

Implications of AAI’s UAS Fee-for-Service Announcement

AAI Corp., an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced in February that it was expanding its unmanned aircraft systems fee-for-service efforts to included civil, commercial, and scientific entities, as well as military customers. This...

Boom and Bloom for UAS and Acronyms

The military unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry continues to boom and bloom. The “boom” results from a market that is rapidly growing in both revenue and the number of deployed systems. New applications–prototyped, developed, and fielded–provide the “bloom.” Here’s a...

First Steps Taken for Unmanned Aircraft in Commercial Airspace

There will be no autonomous or remotely controlled passenger 747s, but there will soon be unmanned aircraft used for reconnaissance and surveillance certified for use in U.S. airspace. The first steps have been taken, including two successful test flights of...