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Fukushima Fallout

Two months after the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and tsunami devastated northern Japan, leaving some 26,000 people dead and causing apocalyptic damage, workers finally entered the reactor buildings at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The French Nuke-Bot Arsenal

Like Japan, France is heavily reliant on nuclear energy. But unlike Japan, it has a fleet of robots that stand ready to tackle accidents at the country’s 59 nuclear plants. The Group of Robotics Intervention on Accidents (INTRA) is part...

Mining Riches Beneath the Sea

When it comes to mining our planet for vital minerals and ores, we've only scratched the surface. Literally. Untold trillions of dollars' worth of resources await beneath the ocean floor. Until now, extracting them economically was impossible. Robotics changes the...

Video Reconnaissance in a Small, Throwable Package

A manufacturer of tactical, micro-robot systems, ReconRobotics Inc. has focused its product line on the need for immediate video reconnaissance and situational awareness by law enforcement and military units operating in high-risk environments. ReconRobotics’ devices weigh less than 3 pounds,...

The Promise and Pitfalls of Open Source in Robotics

The Promise and Pitfalls of Open Source in Robotics

Open source technologies provide a low barrier to entry and foster communities of contributors accelerating advancements, but developers need to pay close attention to licensing nuances and weigh commercial trade-offs.

Robots and Disasters

Robots and Disasters

As details of the tragic events in Japan continue to unfold, it should come as no surprise that the island nation, which is a world leader in the development of robots, should use that very technology in times of disaster....

KumoTek: Small Company Looms Large

Although it describes itself as a “robotics engineering and design company,” KumoTek LLC is much more than that. The company created life-size animatronic dinosaurs that interact with an audience by visually tracking it and responding differently based on the size...