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Aethon Automates Hospital Logistics

With little direct competition and the backing of the Bosch Group, the automated developer of healthcare facility delivery systems looks to expand business.

Harvest Automation’s Two-Step Funding and New Home

Harvest Automation’s Two-Step Funding and New Home

In January Harvest Automation announced that it had received $4 million in Series A financing from investors Life Sciences Partners, MidPoint Food & Ag Funds, and the Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation. But the funding process was a bit more interesting...

AnyBots Seeks to Monetize Remote-Controlled Mobile Telepresence

Anybots Inc. was founded in 2001 by Trevor Blackwell, using personal funds resulting from the sale of ViaWeb, a web-based authoring tool for building online stores, to Yahoo (ViaWeb became Yahoo! Store). In January 2009, the Mountain View, Calif.-based Anybots...

Neato Robotics Joins Consumer Robotics Fray

Neato Robotics, a start-up based in Silicon Valley, recently emerged as a new player in the consumer robotics market. The company grew out of a Stanford University business plan competition entry in 2005, in which two students developed a concept...

Vecna Throws Hat into Robotics Ring

Vecna has made inroads into the defense robotics market, but its QC Bot hospital courier and a repurposed medical version of its BEAR battlefield extraction and rescue robot have the best chance for commercial success in the near term.