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Experimental Communities for Robots

Mock communities in Michigan and New Mexico will allow companies and researchers to safely perfect service robots within a realistic environment.

iRobot Announces New Appointments, Strategic Realignment

iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), a leader in developing robotic technology-based solutions, this week announced a strategic realignment of the company into three newly formed business units focused on home robots, military robots, and emerging technologies. Led by Jeffrey Beck as...

Electronic Cocoons on Wheels

Attention-grabbing gadgets in cars could indirectly help drive sales of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles.

Robots Among Us

Our survey finds which types of robots are currently most popular with consumers, as robotics expands into housekeeping, healthcare, and education.

Prototyping Robots with 3D Printers

Prototyping Robots with 3D Printers

Caenorhabditis elegans is a remarkable worm. Less than one milimeter in size, the hermaphroditic, soil-dwelling nematode bears all the physiological systems we associate with higher animals including digestive, muscular, and reproductive systems. Completely transparent, every C. elegans cell can be...

Every Car a Robot

Every Car a Robot

Though many drivers may be hesitant to completely yield control of their cars to computers, the fact remains that from a technical standpoint, a mass-produced, fully autonomous vehicle could be just years away.