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Finding the Unfindable

Less than three decades ago, the Titanic sat undiscovered at the bottom of the sea. Now, as an article in the Sydney Morning Herald noted recently, the wreck site has been meticulously mapped by autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), revealing minute...

Robot Waiters: No Tipping, Please

Robot Waiters: No Tipping, Please

More restaurant meals are served in Asia than in any other place on Earth. It seems reasonable then?with a collective 4-billion mouths to feed?that a few enterprising restaurateurs might chance to introduce robots into their food service functions. Huge potential...

Driving Untethered

According to Kurt Ernst, writing on the motor vehicle Web site MotorAuthority, ?[a] bill proposed by California Senator Alex Padilla would set guidelines for the testing and operation of self-driving vehicles within the state.? Last June, you?ll recall, Nevada became...

There?s a Lot You Can Do With a Drone

Writing in the academic news site, The Conversation, Brian Lovell, who is research director of the Security and Surveillance Research group at the University of Queensland, believes we are on the threshold of a revolution in aviation ? thanks to...

Experimental Communities for Robots

Mock communities in Michigan and New Mexico will allow companies and researchers to safely perfect service robots within a realistic environment.

iRobot Announces New Appointments, Strategic Realignment

iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), a leader in developing robotic technology-based solutions, this week announced a strategic realignment of the company into three newly formed business units focused on home robots, military robots, and emerging technologies. Led by Jeffrey Beck as...

Electronic Cocoons on Wheels

Attention-grabbing gadgets in cars could indirectly help drive sales of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles.

Robots Among Us

Our survey finds which types of robots are currently most popular with consumers, as robotics expands into housekeeping, healthcare, and education.