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UAV Market Possible Swing Vote in EaglePicher Technologies Acquisition

OM Group Inc., a producer of specialty chemicals and advanced materials, is acquiring EaglePicher Technologies LLC, a manufacturer of batteries and battery management systems for the defense, aerospace, and medical industries, from parent company EaglePicher Corp. The acquisition, announced in...

Heartland Robotics: Hiding in Plain Sight

Heartland Robotics: Hiding in Plain Sight

Heartland Robotics has received two investments for a total of $12 million since 2008, but little is known of the company's product plans. Robotics Business Review speculates and offers insights into potential opportunities in industrial robotics.

Braintech Inc. Diversifies by Acquiring Shafi, Inc.

Summary: With its acquisition of Shafi, as well as through its own organic growth, Braintech has greatly increased its number of product installations and customers.This has resulted in an increase in revenue, but also a concomitant rise in operating expenses....

EPSON Robots Announces New G-Series SCARA Lineup

EPSON Robots, the global leader in PC controlled, precision robots introduced today the EPSON G-Series, the next generation, high performance SCARA Robots for our Micro Power Drive Controllers. EPSON G-Series SCARA?s provide the ultimate high speed, high precision performance results...