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Black-I Takes Aim at the Midsize UGV Market

A manufacturer of midsize unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), Black-I Robotics Inc. differentiates itself from larger, better-known competitors such as Foster-Miller Inc. and iRobot Corp. by building systems using in-house engineering, open source software, and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. This reduces...

Global Robotics Industry Comes Back Strong in 2010

Global Robotics Industry Comes Back Strong in 2010

More than 115,000 industrial robots shipped during 2010, almost double the number of units sold worldwide in 2009, which was the lowest year since the early ’90s, according to a statement from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). “The prospects...

Mixed-Load Packing and Palletizing Demand Drives ABB-Axium Partnership

Today’s high-throughput distribution centers have a fast-growing logistics challenge- preparing a huge variety of packages to ship on schedule with low tolerance for errors, within an environment of rising labor costs and strict safety regulations. Large distribution centers must be...

Aethon Automates Hospital Logistics

With little direct competition and the backing of the Bosch Group, the automated developer of healthcare facility delivery systems looks to expand business.

UAV Market Possible Swing Vote in EaglePicher Technologies Acquisition

OM Group Inc., a producer of specialty chemicals and advanced materials, is acquiring EaglePicher Technologies LLC, a manufacturer of batteries and battery management systems for the defense, aerospace, and medical industries, from parent company EaglePicher Corp. The acquisition, announced in...

Heartland Robotics: Hiding in Plain Sight

Heartland Robotics: Hiding in Plain Sight

Heartland Robotics has received two investments for a total of $12 million since 2008, but little is known of the company's product plans. Robotics Business Review speculates and offers insights into potential opportunities in industrial robotics.