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Exoskeletons: A Primer

Exoskeletons: A Primer

With applications ranging from the military to medical rehabilitation to life-changing assistance for the handicapped, several companies are betting their new-generation exoskeletons will become robotics' next big thing

The Market for Social Robots

The Market for Social Robots

Prototype social robotic systems are getting better and better, and the definition of “social robots” likewise continues to evolve. Early definitions described them as “robots that communicate and interact directly with humans, using language or gestures.” Today, some definitions attach...

Myomo Brings Stroke Rehab Technology into the Home

In August 2010, Myomo Inc., a Cambridge, Mass.-based developer of neuro-robotic stroke rehabilitation technology, announced the launch of [email protected], a program that enables impaired stroke survivors to purchase the company’s Myomo System, a neuro-robotic rehabilitation device that helps them increase...

AnthroTronix Primed for Prosperity

AnthroTronix Inc., based in Silver Spring, Md., describes itself as an “engineering research and development firm committed to optimizing the interaction between people and technology.” Founded in 1999, AnthroTronix has grown steadily, and now employs about 15 people and generates...

Touch Bionics Innovates with New Bionic Hand

Touch Bionics Inc. outfitted the first patient with its evolutionary i-LIMB Pulse, a remarkably advanced, lifelike, and ergonomic bionic upper-limb prosthetic device, in June 2010. The new i-LIMB Pulse is a vastly improved and more ergonomic version of the company’s...

Stroke Rehabilitation Market Fuels Continued Funding of Tibion

In March, I reported on a number of Boston-area robotics companies that had been recently funded by venture capitalists groups. I am happy to report that the good news continues on the robotics investment front. On July 14th, VentureBeat noted...

Opportunities in Autonomy

The addition of autonomous behavior to robotic systems presents opportunities for solution providers and investors serving many different markets