Edgybees Launches Argus API Platform for Augmented Reality Integration

Edgybees' software assisting in fighting forest fires. Source: Edgybees

April 03, 2019      

SAN DIEGO, California — Earlier this week, Edgybees, a provider of real-time collaborative visual intelligence technology, announced the launch of its new Argus API platform, which enables developers to incorporate Edgybees’ augmented reality intelligence into their video analysis capabilities.

With Argus, developers will be able to create applications for any operating system, hardware, or software platform of their choice, customizing their experience to fulfill their company’s specific needs.

Adam Kaplan, Edgybees

“The potential for augmented reality beyond the entertainment sector is endless, especially as video becomes an essential medium for organizations relying on drone footage or CCTV,” said Adam Kaplan, CEO and co-founder of Edgybees. “As forward-thinking industries look to make sense of all the data at their fingertips, we’re giving developers a way to tailor our offering and set them up for success.”


Edgybees' Argo augmented reality integration platform

Source: Edgybees

Edgybees’ augmented reality integration technology creates situational awareness in complex operational environments by overlaying live video footage with layers of precise, geospatial data captured by any camera, manual input, GPS, or other data stream.

The company’s software platform is already being used to tackle the challenge of real-time collaboration in a wide array of sectors, including combating wildfires, aiding search and rescue missions in the wake of hurricanes, and enhancing TV broadcasts of golf tournaments.

“Companies and organizations have access to more data than ever before, but don’t know how to maximize its potential to bolster their success,” said Menashe Haskin, CTO of Edgybees. “Using a combination of sensor fusion and advanced computer vision in collaboration with GIS databases, we present not just the data, but also actionable insights that can increase profits, enhance performance and regulation compliance, and even save lives.”